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Flower fluorescence spray for flower decoration

Short Description:

Floral fluorescence spray

can size: 52*195MM

capacity: 350ml

moq: 10000 pcs

packing: 48pcs/ctn

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Product Description


With ecofriendly formula, high standard raw materials, flower color spray will not do harm to flower, the fragrance is good. Fast-drying, fast-coloring, the most important that there are multiple choices about colors you could choose!

Model Number F01
Unit Packing Tin Bottle
Occasion Flower
Propellant Gas
Color 6 colors
Chemical Weight 80-100g
Capacity 350ml
Can Size D: 52mm, H: 195mm
Packing Size 42.5*31.8*24.2cm/ctn
MOQ 10000pcs
Certificate MSDS
Payment 30% Deposit Advance
OEM Accepted
Packing Details 48pcs/ctn or customized

Product Features

Safe to use on all flower types. Prevents premature petal drop, dehydration, wilting and browning. Dependent upon cultivar, a simple spray mist aids in extending flower life an additional 1 to 5 days. This is transparent flower dye in a convenient spray application. And Y-e-e-s, it does instantly color fresh, silk and dried flowers with a natural impression of color. It's been a must-have-tool with professional florists for decades.


many types of flowers such as dry flowers, rose, preserved flower (永生花), sun flower, peony(牡丹),plum blossom, carnation (康乃馨),baby breath (满天星),orchid (兰花)

User Guide

1.Shake well before using;
2.Aim nozzle towards target at a slight upwards angle and press nozzle.
3.Spray from a a distance of at least 6ft to avoid sticking.
4.In case of malfunction, remove nozzle and clean it with a pin or a sharp object


1.Avoid contact with eyes or face.
2.Do not ingest.
3.Pressurized container.
4.Keep out of direct sunlight.
5.Do not store at temperatures above 50℃(120℉).
6.Do not pierce or burn, even after using.
7.Do not spray on flame, incandescent objects or near heat sources.
8.Keep out of reach of reach of children.
9.Test before use. May stain fabrics and other surfaces.

First Aid and Treatment

1.If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately.
2.Do not induce vomiting.
If in eyes, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes.

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